Chip and Potato – The Ultimate Party Package


Chip and Potato Party Bundle great for Cartoon Fans of all ages, Birthdays, Graduation, Baby Shower, Movie Night or any Special Event.

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Assemble: Chip bags comes particularly assemble bottom close top open. Everything else ships flat with peel and stick for easy assemble.

Package Comes With:

Potato Chip Bags: Size: 5.25″ x 8″

Pringles Labels: Size: 3.5″ x 10″

Capri Sun: Size: 3.5″ x 5″

Bag Tags: Size: 3″ x 4″

Popcorn Boxes: Size: 4.5″ tall, 2.875″ wide (top), 2″ wide (bottom)

Candy Bar Wrappers: Size: 5.5″ x 5.5″

Bag Toppers: Size: 6″ x 2” (Comes with Bags)

Bottle Labels: Size: 5.25″ x 8″

If you have questions or need support please contact me, it will be a pleasure to help you! 🙂